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Fashion for the Pandemic: 7 Men’s Essentials for 2021


Last year, almost all of us were stuck at home. Staying home is the best way to lessen the spread of the virus, after all. But this year, things are starting fashion to look up. With the vaccine slowly rolling out, we can hope for more opportunities to go out. So now, it’s time to get yourself ready to be seen by more people. It’s good to look good when going out because who knows who you’ll suddenly bump into, right?

In this article, we’ve listed down seven essentials for all you guys out there to make yourselves look good amidst the pandemic. Wearing a mask and face shield are still needed, but that shouldn’t ruin your ensemble. So, keep reading and make yourself look and feel good when going out!

A Beautiful Fashion Timepiece

Many people like to use their smartphones as watch’s, but nothing beats an actual wristwatch. During meetings and hang-outs, it’s not a good habit to look at your phone to check the time. Checking your phone constantly can also be a distraction. But if you have a wristwatch on your wrist, you’ll be less distracted by your phone notifications.

A beautiful timepiece is an investment on its own. A luxury timepiece from Omega, Rolex, or Tag Heuer is meant to be shown off. You can proudly wear it on your wrist and easily match it with most outfits. Since luxury wristwatch are made with precision and quality, you can be sure that they will last you for many years to come. So, to complete your outfit, get a beautiful timepiece that perfectly suits your style or preference.

Washable cloth mask

Vaccines may be rolling out, but that doesn’t mean you should stop wearing a face mask. You can easily get surgical masks, but let’s be honest, they look boring. Also, disposable masks can get expensive in the long run and aren’t good for the environment. So, get a washable cloth mask (or two) that you can get a ton of use from. Choose your favorite colors or printed ones that match most of the outfits in your closet. In the long run, you’ll save more money and the environment in the long run!

White sneakers

White sneakers are probably the most versatile footwear you can get! You can match them easily with any outfit, may it be casual or semi-formal. And if you get ones in leather, you can even get away with it on formal occasions! Sneakers are comfy to wear on long walks and casual short strolls, so get a fresh pair for yourself for going out.

Reusable face shield

Another one on our list is an essential that’s perfect for this pandemic. Just like disposable face masks, there are also disposable face shields. But there is already too much plastic waste daily, so you shouldn’t contribute more to it. Get a reusable face shield that you can just sanitize and keep with you wherever you go. A reusable face shield is meant to last you a long time, so it’s not flimsy like the disposable ones. Just like washable face masks, you can save money and the environment in the long run with this! Reusable face shields come in different styles, sizes, and colors, so you have more options. You can choose one that can match your wardrobe color palette, so it can look fashionable, too!

Snazzy ankle socks

Socks are so underrated nowadays. But there’s an unwritten rule that says you should match the color of your shirt with the color of your socks. When wearing pants, socks are usually hidden, but it’s nice to have a good pair of matching socks. Get fun socks that suit your style and personality since they can peep through your ankle area every now and then. A pair of snazzy socks might not be seen constantly, but knowing that you’re wearing them can uplift your mood. Socks don’t have to be just plain and boring. Show a bit of your personality with fun pairs that you can mix and match with your outfits!

Crisp white shirt

Another versatile essential to your wardrobe is a crisp white shirt. You can pair it with slacks, khaki pants, or shorts. It gives an elegant vibe without looking like you’re trying too hard. You can easily dress it up or down, according to your liking. And whether it’s a formal or casual occasion, you can wear it either way. Roll up the sleeves for a more laid-back look or keep it buttoned on your wrists for a formal look.

Snazzy tie

A tie is a small accessory that can change the overall look and vibe of your entire outfit. Such a small thing can make a big difference! Get a snazzy tie with a simple or stylish print or design—depending on your preference, of course. Express yourself with a snazzy tie and add some fun to your usual semi-formal and formal outfits. Ties are meant to be fun, so get a few pieces that you can easily mix and match with your wardrobe color palette.

Go out safely in style!

So there you have it, seven men’s essentials for 2021, keeping style in mind! Look good and feel good when going out by being fashionable. Most of the items featured here are fashionable, but we’ve also included some things that are for COVID-19 protection. But just because you need to protect yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t go out in style, right?

So go out and have fun, but also practice safety precautions and social distancing. Good luck!

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