Handy Looks At Everything You Need To Know When Commissioning A Corporate Video


According to Handy, creating a corporate video is a complicated process and there are a lot of factors that you need to consider making the project a success. It is important to decide the type of corporate video and its purpose to proceed smoothly and reduce unnecessary hassle. You choose to create an explainer video, recruitment video, handy case study video, training video, a call-to-action video, new product demo video, annual report video, crisis management video, event video, etc.

The Details

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when commissioning a corporate video:

  1. Choose the correct style for your video – The success of a corporate video can depend on the style of the video. A few options include live-action, animation, documentary, time-lapse, interview, and comedy. Typically, the production company would guide you through the options so that you can make up your mind, but you should think about your options beforehand.
  2. Decide your brief and set up the budget – The video brief would contain all the necessary information such as the objective, project background, key message, target audience, tone of voice, any mandatory elements, etc. This helps the video production company to understand what you are trying to achieve and create a video that meets your demands perfectly.

The budget of the video would depend on a lot of factors including the total length of the video and the resources required.

  1. Select a good agency to forward the brief and get a proposal – It is important to select a good agency that not only consists of intelligent professionals but also staff that really listens to their client’s request. Thus, the video production agency should be trustworthy and willing to share a lot of feedback with the client.

After you hand them the brief, they would review it, share a lot of feedback, and ultimately give you a proposal. Once you agree with the proposal the video production agency would proceed forward.

  1. Review the video production process – The video production process consists of a pre-production phase, the production phase, and the post-production phase. During the pre-production phase, details such as the script, shooting locations, key messages and visuals, and other such details would be finalized. After that, depending on the nature of the video and the budget, the actual video filming or the animation would begin.

The process may include live-action filming with a full crew, studio filming with a green screen, or even just animation. Finally, during the post-production phase, all the raw footage is compiled into the finished product by selecting the best shots and footage. Further edits are done to add the graphics, visual effects, music, voice-over, etc. to make the video more compelling.


Handy believes that it is important to make sure that your target audience sees the corporate video to maximize the ROI. Otherwise, all the effort would be futile. Thus, you should make a plan with the marketing team to advertise it online, get social media support or PR, and send it to all your networks.

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