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Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Why Winter Is The Best Time To Paint Your Interior



The sweet breeze and chilly winter mornings may make it hard to focus on exterior home remodeling projects, but it is the best time to improve the interiors of your house with a fresh coat of paint. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the new vibrant colors on the interior walls can act as great mood boosters during the winter and allow you to put your time to good use so that you can enjoy the summer.

The Discussion

Here are a few reasons why it is best to paint in winter:

  1. Less air humidity – During the winter, there is less humidity in the air which makes it ideal for interior painting jobs. Too much moisture in the air can result in the paint peeling off in the future or forming cracks. This happens as it is difficult for paint to adhere and dry evenly during high-humidity conditions. However, in limited moisture, the paint sticks and bonds better to the walls.
  2. Faster paint drying time – Paint drying time is dependent on moisture and humidity in the air. During the summer, the sweltering temperature and wet air make it difficult for the paint to dry quickly. Since the air during the winter is cold and dry, it allows the painted walls to dry up faster. Thus, there is no need to use artificial drying methods to allow the paint to dry faster.
  3. It’s cheaper to hire a professional painting service during winter – There is less demand for professional services during the winter when compared to summer for spring. As a result, you can choose from a wide range of professionals and also get to enjoy the service by as much as 40% less due to less demand. And, since there are fewer projects for professionals to work on during the winter, they can dedicate more time to your project and complete the job diligently.

The slow season also allows customers to enjoy better flexibility and hire painters according to their schedules.

  1. It’s the ideal season for rejuvenating the house – Some people hate the winter season due to the bleak weather and grey and white snow all around. Painting your walls with vibrant colors can prove to be a great mood-booster during the dreary weather. In fact, it can also become a unique holiday gift opportunity. You can even take advantage of the early light during the winter to start the project early in the morning but still not feel as tired as you may feel during the hot summer months. And, if you want to sell your home, painting your house interiors during the winter would help to maximize its value for sale during the spring.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that a DIY interior house painting project can prove to be great fun during the winter. You can be more productive during this time between the holidays and avoid the hassles of the summer or monsoon season.

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