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Hiring a Lawn Service: 6 Indications Of A Good Lawn Care Service


One should not decline professionals’ opinions while looking across the fence. Companies providing lawn care services usually offer a range of other services, too, so if your lawn is dry, patchy, or infested, you should always find the best option for preserving the green surroundings.


They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and while that may be a matter of perspective. Some people try to take care of all the lawn work themselves, even though sometimes it is simply too big or complicated a task, so resorting to professional help is the only viable alternative. If you have been considering hiring a lawn care service to help make your green space even more enjoyable, we compiled a list of the top indications of good lawn care services.

Insurance and Licences

Making sure your lawn care company of choice has suitable contractor insurance should usually be the first step in recognizing devoted professionals in the sphere. Many gardening hobbyists own neither a license nor an insurance plan – and while some of them may occasionally do a good job, you’re better off protecting yourself and your lawn by hiring licensed and insured contractors and companies. 

The federal standards for applying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer set by the Environmental Protection Agency are demanding that all contractors handling these chemicals have passed state-required tests with the appropriate authorities. Believe it or not, many things can go wrong even with something seemingly simple as lawn care, so choosing a contractor who has adequate insurance can protect you and your property against chemical hazards or other inconveniences.

Contract Requirements

Some contractors or lawn care service providers will offer a trial period without requiring you to sign a contract. No matter how confident you are in the lawn care service provider you choose, it is your responsibility to be mindful of each aspect when signing a contract, especially concerning time-sensitive activities. Whether it is watering, mowing, planting, replanting, or pest control, you can contact several professionals to evaluate the situation and give you an estimate so that you achieve an optimal timeframe for your contract.

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Equipment Maintenance

Companies or independent lawn care contractors should not mind discussing their equipment or sharing how they usually maintain it in top condition. You should not feel uncomfortable going ahead and asking your lawn care contractor how often they sharpen their blades or inquire about additional tools and their state. Lawn care companies must keep flawless equipment maintenance levels at all times, so asking if they have a routine for preserving their tools equipment can help you get a better picture of the contractor.

Service Options, Flexibility, and Guarantees

The satisfaction guaranteed statement often has different definitions, and it is your assignment to discover what the guarantee truly entails. Before signing a contract, make sure you are as informed as possible about all contract options, including damages and refunds. Some lawn care service providers offer different levels of assistance and charge extra for services that are not in your plan. Asking upfront for any possible adjustments and schedule deviations can work to the advantage of both parties, so make sure you communicate all your worries upfront.

More Than Lawn Care

You will easily recognize reliable lawn care companies by their support level. Owning a lawnmower is unfortunately not enough for having a well-maintained lawn, as we would otherwise render lawn care businesses obsolete. Aeration, irrigation, overseeding, and lawn pest control are just some of the issues that often require the care of professionals. When choosing a lawn care company, make sure it goes the extra mile to provide optimal levels of yard maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

Almost all businesses have reserved their corner on the Internet nowadays, and the same goes for lawn care companies. No matter where you find out about a lawn care business, try to do a quick search and see if you can find their website and social media profiles. Customers often leave reviews after doing business with a company, especially if they leave a significant positive or negative impression, so check what other people are saying about the lawn care contractor you want to hire.


Whether you need professional lawn care for your home or personal property, or you are an intermediary trying to take care of a company site, you should always be careful when choosing a lawn care contractor. Green surfaces can be remarkably delicate, and no matter if there is a refund, you should know very well how long the damage can take to recuperate. Now that you know how to recognize a good lawn care service, you should only work with insured, licensed, and responsible contractors to ensure you always have the best green surroundings.

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