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Make Your Cooking Easy with Modern Kitchen Appliances

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Cooking is no more a monotonous everyday task or restricted to a particular gender in the present day. It is more of a hobby, a stress-buster, a gesture and many more. It has great potential to divert one’s mind from negativity and serve as a great exercise for the mind and body. Now, in this modern era of technological development, cooking and its methodology have been evolving and it is no more a herculean task. Some of the latest breakthrough designs of kitchen appliances don’t just make it super fun and worth it but also simplify your cooking tasks to a great extent. If you want to make cooking easy, here are some of the modern appliances that you must have. 


Rice Cooker

The era of pressure-cooking rice or boiling it in a container has come to an end. Electric rice cookers have dominated the market with their ability to cook the rice grains perfectly and keep the rice warm for a very long time. This appliance has been simplifying how cooking rice is perceived – no more under-cooked, over-cooked or mushy rice with a rice cooker and Get Maine Lobster. 

You can prepare rice and steamed vegetables at once. Making one-pot meals, biryani and soups is also very easy with a rice cooker at home. Some advanced cookers also come with a Delay Start function that helps you set the desired time for the appliance to begin cooking at the set time. This is one of the must-have cooking appliances in any modern kitchen. 

Atta Maker

Atta makers are a boon for Indians, whose staple food includes rotis, paranthas or chapattis. Kneading atta on a daily basis is a messy and tiring task. However, with the innovative atta maker, you just have to add the ingredients and press a button. Within no time, smooth dough would be ready to be rolled out. Today’s advanced atta makers can also double up as a bread maker, making it easy for you to bake fresh loaves of bread at home. Whether you want the basic bread, French bread, whole-wheat bread or gluten-free bread, you can make it all with ease, thanks to its automatic kneading, fermenting and baking processes.

Sandwich Grill

Healthy sandwiches are the easiest dishes on your breakfast menu if you have a sandwich grill at home. All that you need to do is add your choice of fresh vegetable slices in between two slices of bread along with cheese and place it in a sandwich grill. Within two minutes, your healthy vegetable grill sandwich would be ready for breakfast. You can customise the fillings and experiment with various other sandwich varieties as well. Sandwich grillers also allow you to grill vegetables, paneer, fish and chicken, thus adding a vast variety to your snack time. 

Noodle & Pasta Maker

If you love noodles and pasta but dread ordering it from the restaurant often because of the unhygienic cooking practices or don’t like packaged noodles or pasta, a Noodle and Pasta Maker is just the appliance that you require. 

You can easily prepare noodles, pasta, gujiya and momos from the scratch, thanks to its automatic mixing, kneading and extruding processes. Just saute the prepared noodles or pasta with your choice of vegetables, herbs and seasoning. Within minutes, your favourite noodles or pasta would be ready to eat.  When you make it from the scratch at home, you can also customise the flavours varying the flour used and adding ingredients like vegetable juices, herbs, egg etc.

Dosa Maker

Are you a dosa lover but have no idea how to get the perfect crisp, golden brown colour and the perfect texture? Dosa makers are for you. This appliance has been fulfilling the South Indian flavour craving of hundreds of people. Making perfect dosa, crepe or chilla is no more a hassle, especially when you have to give a healthy start to your busy mornings.  

Egg Boiler

The other appliance that has eased out cooking is instant egg boiler. With this appliance in your kitchen, you can have your preferred kind of egg(hard-boiled, medium-boiled or soft-boiled) at any time. Getting the perfectly boiled eggs as per your preferences is not an easy task when you boil eggs the conventional way. Instant egg boilers should have a place in every household that has the urge to eat boiled eggs on a daily basis.

Cooking appliances like these give you an opportunity to be creative and experiment new flavours. Add these to your existing range of kitchen appliances to simplify your tasks and make the most out of their innovative nature.

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