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How to Optimize Your Site for International Search

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International SEO Optimize is broadly similar to domestic SEO. As the algorithm used by Google does not discriminate based on location, all websites are subjected to the same set of ranking factors.

Despite this, there are several differences between international and domestic SEO that need to be considered when operating a multilingual website or targeting multiple geographies.

This article will look at some of the main issues considered when attempting to gain a foothold in international SEO.

Keyword Research

The first step when attempting to rank any website is keyword research. This is no different when trying to target multiple languages and geographies. To carry out this task, you will need a mixture of on-page optimization, link building, and content strategy to uncover the keywords that will be successful in your chosen market(s).

On-page Optimization

Keywords in URLs and Title tags: Like in domestic SEO, it is essential to include keywords in both the title tag and URL of the page. Most international websites will split these across multiple languages, so it must ensure that each language has its

Unique title tag and URL.

URLs for different languages are expected to be constructed along the lines of “,” where the URL contains the keyword that was identified in your initial research phase. The title tag should be structured similarly, for example, ‘Title Tag – German’ if you were targeting Germany with this page.

While it may seem sensible to use the same title tag and URL for each language, this can cause problems in international Optimize rankings. For example, suppose a Spanish page ranked for the same keyword as the German page mentioned above. In that case, Google will likely favor the page in the country where that particular language is predominantly spoken.

This issue may also apply to several other factors. To maintain consistency throughout the site, it is best to use a single title tag and URL per language.

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 Keywords in H1, H2, H3 Tags

As with domestic rankings, keywords in these tags are essential when it comes to international orders. However, some basic rules need to be followed for SEO purposes when choosing which language to target first.


The H1 tag is the most important header on any page, so it should always contain the primary keyword you are trying to rank for. The remainder of headings should be assigned in order of importance, with each language’s corresponding tags having their unique keywords. By following this process, it is possible to maintain consistency throughout the site.


Link building strategies are often reasonably similar across geographies, with most SEOs Optimize targeting high authority sites in their particular field. However, results can vary drastically between different countries due to cultural differences and the link profile of topically related Optimize websites.

When attempting to rank your website, it is essential to identify the locations you wish to target and then carry out link-building campaigns targeting these. This process will need to be carried out for each language you are targeting and any sub-locations (such as city or state).

 Bottom line

Attempting to rank a website in international SEO Optimize can be significantly more complex than targeting domestic rankings. The main reason for this is the limited number of available links due to the size of each country’s web industry, along with limited outreach opportunities.

It is also important to remember that you will need different content strategies and link-building campaigns for each country you are targeting and any sub-locations. This will prove to be the biggest challenge when carrying out international SEO Optimize, but it is certainly achievable with time and effort.

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