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PlayStation Network (PSN) – Updates, Current Status and Fixes

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PSN referred to as the PlayStation Network is a digital media entertainment service provider that is offered and managed by Sony Interactive Entertainment since 2006. It is an online community of thousands of gamers on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation vita game consoles. PSN service is available to over 70+ territories. In December 2019 it is reported that over 100 million users are active monthly so the network needs to be stable over huge traffic. Different standards of protocols are followed by Sony to ensure that PSN server status remains always active. 

Last time when a problem is encountered with the PSN service status was on November 2 and later was a surge in reported problems on December 9, the issue was related to majorly signing in and connecting to PSN. But during the last few days, as also the social distancing is experiencing in many countries and lockdown is appending, PSN service status was not active and an active outage was detected in PlayStation Network outage map down detector. It happened when due to the downtime many people at home looking for an escape and many publishers were hosting special events and free giveaways to supplement the increase in active games for their games. But soon it is announced by the Sony  “PSN service status stage confirms that PSN network is back to normal “.But many ISPs are experiencing an issue with connecting with the PSN network Service. If you are experiencing issues with PSN service read this guide full to know about possible solutions. 

What is the current status of the PlayStation Network?

All PSN services are up and running.  But people are experiencing issues with slower or delayed game download with their ISPs. Sony corporation is working hard on ensuring a stable connection to PSN.

 The latest update from Sony is below:

“Users may experience slower or delayed game downloads because different protocols are followed by the company to manage download traffic.”, the company is  collaboratively working with different ISPs, Sony continued .”We believe it’s essential to do our part to address internet stability concerns as an unprecedented number of people are staying home and practicing social distancing. We appreciate the support and understanding of our community.” 

PlayStation Network outage map Downdetector reported PSN service status as active and running smoothly. After the fix there were minor reports regarding the outage in PSN service status.  

PSN service problems Last 24 hours – PlayStation Network outage map Downdetector 

jg8pctdq4lR orPC4580aFMIMrLI49rjKzy ZtapGfuFnla6J1Wy7TeT b3N8fK1bsRlwwS0WCGLjrWwVHRgywtpVb2S0fkvhoLiktfwnIiPnR34LcH8A3TXGu9yyMkfIgYjVawmDPTa09Li A problem is detected when the number of reports is above the baseline. One report related to the outage in PSN service status was at 2:45 am,13 May after that the problem curves were under the 6-base line throughout the last 24 hours, and two more reports were seen on May 14, 2:30 am. Collectively the numbers are too low to be considered an active outage in PSN service status. And it is reported “No problems at PlayStation Network” by PlayStation Network outage map Downdetector.

PlayStation Network outage map Downdetector highlights different regions on the PlayStation network Live outage map. Live outage map shows different regions from which the number of reports is collected and they are highlighted depending on the number of reports.  

Updated PSN outage MAP – PlayStation Network outage map Downdetector 

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This is the updated outage map regarding PlayStation network problems, many users from different regions experiencing connectivity issues due to slower connection, PSN service status is up and all services are running but Sony is still working on the fixes regarding different ISPs to ensure a stable network connection to the online gaming and social.

PlayStation network offers different services to its users, and an outage in PSN service status is not less than a headache for online gamers, but Sony is working effectively to face and manage these issues, and the current situation is under control as all services are up and running.

Online gaming and SocialUp and running
Account ManagementUp and running
PlayStation NowUp and running
PlayStation VideoUp and running
PlayStation StoreUp and running
PlayStation MusicUp and running

PSN services and their status – May 14, 2020. 

AS for now all PSN services are up and running normally, But if you are experiencing any issue regarding PlayStation network connection, Check the PlayStation network status in your region and apply the fixes discussed below.  

How to check the PlayStation network status?

PlayStation network status can be down due to different reasons whether PSN service status is down or the problem is with your internet connection.

To check the PSN service status is running or not in your region visit the and select your country.

  First check the internet connection to your PS4 by following steps.

Test your Playstation Internet connection:

  1. In the main menu select Settings. 
  2. Select Network.
  3. Select Test Internet Connection. 5nJqjfm9Tedm2rm0mqQh17IybdS6hD1F4R tseZgrBsdd 3Xa5pUousEKLd WPP

Wait until the test completes, you can check different attributes relevant to your internet connection. 

If the test fails, try the following fixes 

  • Check if other devices are able to connect to the same connection if these devices are not able to connect to the same network, then try contacting your ISP or network administrator for further assistance.
  • If the other devices are able to connect, try restarting your router and set up your PS4 using Easy Settings. It takes a little bit of time for your router to restart fully.
  • If using wireless check the WIFI signals, try to keep the router near to the PlayStation and remove any obstacles.

If still you are facing issues try contacting your network administrator.

If the test is successful and still you are unable to sign in to the PSN, make sure you have the latest system software installed. To check the version of the system software installed your PlayStation needs to be connected to the internet or alternatively you can download the latest version in a USB flash drive with the help of a computer and then load it in the PS4.

To check the latest version of the system software in PS4

  • First make sure your PlayStation is connected to the Internet, by internet connection test (discussed above).
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Let the PS4 to detect if there is an update available.
  • If it detects an update, Follow the instructions on the screen to download and install it.

Disclaimer: Do not turn off the system during installation.

PSN connection problem over Shared network

There might be PSN connection failure if this is not your personal Internet connection and you are trying to connect to the PSN service using a shared connection like an office shared connection or school /university shared connection. Because there are firewalls that block the connectivity to the PSN service appended by the Companies. Try contacting your ISP or network administrator if you face these problems.

Contact your administrator to open following ports for your router

TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
UDP: 3478, 3479

The network environment impacts the settings so you have to use additional settings like proxy server, IP address, or an access point. Contact your ISP to check the instructions regarding your network device.

What makes PSN service to go down?

Different issues can cause to PSN service to go down. Due unprecedented number of people who are the part of PSN can make it unstable due to millions of traffic. Network may also go down in case of maintenance purposes as Sony recently updated that many gamers in the USA and Europe might face slower PSN connectivity issues because the company is working on managing traffic.

Different standards are followed by the company to ensure that the PSN service status remains always running and smoothly over distance.

PSN service can get down because 

  • The company is working on planned maintenance.
  • DDoS attacks (Rarely) 
  • Unstable network due to a lot of traffic

Except from these there are many reasons from where you couldn’t access the PSN server whether it is due to the maintenance purposes or you are getting blocked due to different protocols appended over the network by your ISP.  

It is seen rarely that PSN service is not working because the Sony Franchise behind Playstation is working effectively. In the last few days an outage is seen on the Playstation Network outage map Downdetector. Because of the downtime, people need somewhat a thing to get stuck with and make it a part of their comfort zone during lockdown which in case of a lot of downloads and a huge traffic over PSN, which lead it to outage but the situation now is under control and Sony updated that they are working with different ISPs to ensure different protocols so that PSN service status never goes down and online gamers can get advantages from it. The company didn’t show that it was due to the lockdown situation because of the Corona pandemic but alternatively downtime word is used by the company.

PSN service has been running for many years and it contains a large community of online gamers, the last downgrade in the service was seen in last year before the pandemic but later it was solved by the company and currently the service is available to all regions and working updated May 2020. 

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