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Summer Interior Design Ideas 2022 in Your Home

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Properly mixing colors and shades is not an easy task. The same difficult task is choosing the right home texture. To avoid getting into trouble and still let summer freshness and colors into the house, use our guide to the most popular color textures and colors.

In the summer, you want to spend the outdoors as much as possible: by the sea, in the backyard of a country house, in the garden. And it’s also an occasion to bring more bright summer colors into home interior decoration. We will tell you about the most popular color combinations and fabrics that will help fill up the space with summer freshness and sun.

The choice of colors for the summer interior

To create a summer mood in the house, you need to learn how to mix colors. The right approach will transform any room. Moreover, today some covers will allow you to transform indoor furniture quickly and at a minimal cost. This is a universal and practical solution, which helps to change the whole design of the house with minimum effort.

Option number 1: white and dark blue

The colors of the sea wave and the deep shade of indigo are at the peak of popularity this season. Designers call blue the new neutral color. Like black, white, and grey, blue in the interior makes a soft statement without disturbing the balance. 

Spaces decorated in white and blue colors solve several problems: white will visually expand the room, and azure, ultramarine, and other shades will add freshness. In addition, blue and white stripes look especially summery in the design.

Option number 2: blue and beige

One of the most elegant color palettes in the history of design is considered a classic and ideal for anyone who wants to create a light, cosy, and discreet interior. 

Warm sandy beige and delicate blue are associated with the sea coast and a sunny summer day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use gradients. For example, different shades of beige, from colder to light and delicate cream color. In such a space, furniture in a classic style will look good – light colors will balance the details.

Option #3: Lemon Green and Golden Yellow

If you are not one of those who are ready to redecorate the interior for the season, then a palette of green and yellow shades will suit you perfectly and will last for several more seasons. There is nothing extraordinary in the combination of green and yellow, obviously dictated by nature, but the designers offer us an exciting variety of bright lime green with gold in 2022 trends. 

The partnership of these colors adds sophistication and a touch of glamor to the interior. Furthermore, the competent addition of other color accents makes it easy to transform the interior palette into autumn, spring, and even winter.

Option number 4: bright blue and orange

The combination of bright blue and a shade of tangerine can look ambiguous. Nevertheless, one of the most eccentric combinations can radically transform the space and make the interior fashionable and unusual, referring to the Mediterranean summer evening. 

These colors are very bold, so you need to handle them carefully, correctly calculating the proportions. White walls make the perfect neutral backdrop for the various shades of blue, while orange is best used as bright accents.

Option number 5: turquoise and coral

A less daring version of the summer color palette is calm shades of turquoise combined with coral. Coral in any palette will not go unnoticed, whether it is a light pinkish shade or a bright carmine. Therefore, it is recommended to add it to the interior in a limited amount. 

It can be textiles (pillows, blankets, curtains), individual pieces of furniture, or decorative accessories. The task of turquoise, which should proportionally prevail, is to create an atmosphere of the serenity of the sea.

The choice of fabrics for the summer interior

Summer colors are bright, warm, fresh, and sunny. To decorate rooms facing the shady side, textiles in yellow, orange, and red tones are ideal, which will make up for the lack of sunlight. 

When choosing curtains, give preference to light, flowing, translucent fabrics, such as chiffon. When decorating a room with windows facing south, use blue and green colors, or rather, their cold shades (mint, aquamarine) – they can give a feeling of coolness on hot sunny days.

Five general rules for choosing textiles

  1. If the walls and furniture are plain, curtains, tablecloths, and other fabric accessories will do best if they have a pattern. And the other way around: for patterned walls and furniture – plain textiles. A great choice could be Jacquard, and Mille Righe used to create the covers. After all, it isn’t easy to harmoniously combine different ornaments. 
  2. Use the cover fabrics to blend in with the interior of a small room. The contrast will make the room appear smaller. 
  3. If the fabrics do not create a bright accent but repeat the leading shade of the design, then their texture should stand out. For example, silk curtains, knitted plaid, tweed, or faux pillows – these materials will refract light and enliven the interior.
  4. Fashionable for more than one season, home textiles with animal prints look best not just on a plain background but on a neutral one – beige, gray, sand, and ivory covers. 
  5. Fabric Patterns should match the interior design trends in 2022. Monograms and crowns are appropriate in the classic, geometric shapes – in the loft, minimalistic, hi-tech design. Floristic patterns will fit into Provence and eco; the marine theme will do well with the Mediterranean interior.

To sum up

Your interior can easily create a unique atmosphere for a summer resort holiday vibe in your house. There are several exciting ideas for creating a summer interior with which you can give any room a summer mood without much effort and extra expenses. Perfect solution!

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