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Ten Surprising, Smart Tech Gadgets you can Bright now


Technology is fun to use, and I won’t listen to anybody say otherwise. Here are some items you will love you buy today. Most of these gadgets, like the body cam glasses, will be able to get you out of many expensive and time-consuming problems.

Zshades recording glasses

Zshades-1080p is one body cam glasses that you have to try. It can record ultra-wide-angle videos at 1080p while serving as sunglasses so that it fits much better than a go pro strapped half a foot over your head. You ride around more freely, enjoying and recording the scenery with a bit of legal security.

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Back and neck massager

This shiatsu massager is an amazing kneading pillow you have to use if you want a quick and easy massage at the end of a stressful day. Looking hunched over screens all day messes up your back and neck, and I use it every time I feel sore from working all day. You are going to love it. 

Sonos arc soundbar

Not all soundbars look cool, but Sonos did an amazing job with this by providing high-quality sounds in a compact and sleek design that befits the modern desk. Gone are the days of regular speakers as this has full voice control and built-in Amazon Alexa. Enter the modern world. 

Bermuda toaster!

Granted, it is more expensive than a regular toaster but damn! Just look at it! Its design fits in a modern kitchen, and the analogue controls make it feel so retro; I love it! Anything a toaster can do with bread, this can do it perfectly. You will never be able to go back to normal toasts. And it is great to reheat pizza slices without making them soggy. 

Ring video doorbell

So, this is not new, but I am mentioning it because people still don’t use it. You are missing out. This will save you so much headache that you will never even find out. First, you can speak to someone at your door while you are at your office or in space. You can protect your family as it deters break-ins; it allows you to track and protect your delivery packages. What more do you want at such a low price!

Snoo smart sleeper baby cot

Here is the thing, newborn babies are used to the noisy and busy environment of a womb. The real-world nights are quiet, empty, and scary for the newborns. Your options are to wait for your child to get used to this world, which will take over six months of sleepless nights for you and your child. You can also buy this smart cot that will use algorithms to emulate an environment your child can sleep through. It’s not a real choice. You know you need it. 

Nurvv run

The modern world is all about efficiency. To get the most results, you need data and personalized help. Nurvv run provides smart insoles for your running shoes and provides you data about how you run. Running is a lot more dangerous than we think. With this gadget and some personal coaching based on this data, you will be running faster, with less pain and better results. 

Hachi infinite m1 projector

Imagine a projector, then remove the cables and the adaptors you need. Then imagine using it to watch movies on walls and flipping it to project a small screen on your desk or countertop to reference recipes or watch something while doing something else. Oh, and the small screen, it is touch-sensitive. It makes a usable tablet on your desk. Muah! 

Nanoleaf shapes

We all want to personalize our living areas, our offices. This is what we need to make the lighting our own. These modular shapes, which come in different sizes, can be assembled where you may want without drills or screws of any kind. You can use it to light up one room one way and completely change the second room’s design. You can change colours, themes and even make these lights interact with music to amplify the mood and can be controlled by Siri and google assistant. Endless creativity in how you light up your world.

Cleaned UVC  sterilizer

Woman in Blue Scrub Suit Beside a Machine

Forget Clorox wipes; get this sterilizer which can kill germs on any surface, including things you don’t want to touch and surfaces you shouldn’t wet. Get the power of the UV light on your side.

What are you waiting for!

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