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The best 10 ways to track your kid’s location

Track your child

Track your kids: The Internet is useful for kids but when they can use it for research, reports, and communication with teachers and other class fallows. Internet is a blessing or a curse both any kind of content can a search by the user. This is difficult to save your kids properly for use of internet but if you have parental control on your child’s computer you see all activity of your child. Many kids are confident that they are safe but somehow did not know about the consequence of their actions.


To check up on a child is important because there are many predators are online who track your child. There is also much content, graphics content that affects your child’s brain also. The predators are also mobile location tracker. Parents are worried about their child’s activity they must ensure that their children are safe all the time because there are many missing and kidnapping cases.

How to track your child’s location 

Tracking your child is important now a day. You must keep an eye on your child’s.


There are two methods to track your child location


If your child uses iOS or android there are some steps that we must follow. If you have an android you should install the “FamiSafe” once you install this app you check your mobile location. This method helps you to locate the exact location of your child’s. 

But if you have iPhone you can easily find the location of your tile by finding my iPhone feature it is not activated you must activate it by finding my device feature can easily track your child’s phone location from in iCloud for an iOS device using accounts details. 

Use of apps

There are many apps that are used to track your child’s location. Here I am going to discuss the main applications that find your kid’s location. These are the best cell phone trackers for your kids.

 Find my kids

 find my app helps you track your child  phone with GPS you get a notification when your child enters or leave Kurnool to see the apps  which he or she open you also track  your choice location by GPS tracking


 Bark monitors the messages, emails different social network sites on 24/ 7 this app is used for safe the time of parents and gains peace of mind it is parents alerting app

FBI child ID

 SBI stands for the federal Bureau of Investigation. it stores children photos and edification and also quick access to their children if children are missing and kidnapping this information is used only in iPhone the main feature is safety tips and checklist parents also have a bit to email if any fake call  uncle to law enforcement agencies

 ICE family Pro

 ICC stands for in case of emergency this allows parents to store important data allergy is medical conditions you can also enter your personal doctor Health Care Centres insurance companies and even law enforcement agencies

FamiSafe appZFsKiS1zEmvGUissum8kJ0cW8AAdsJ hvEd He7cpuIYzw cvm8deQNSxdxCo C0e0L 2NuKEDOhx9FayRVD

FamiSafe is a reliable Parental Control app that is useful for parents to control on child’s phones. FamiSafe use to monitor your child’s activity. The major and powerful feature is to track your child’s location. 

Features of FamiSafe

Real-time location

 It gives you the location sharing feature just enable the and track your kid where he or she is

 View location history

 It enables you to that your kid has not been in any suspicious place like clubs, bars and places like that

 Suspicious photos detection

 It will notify you about suspicious on your kid’s devices

 YouTube contact detection and images 

 It enables you to check your children’s subscriber channels and videos. Also helps parents to detect images that are stored in their phone.

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Block the apps

Parents should block the specific apps that are not productive or safe for their child site they have a complete lock for all apps.

Manage screen time app

The FamiSafe app helps you to control your child and ask you how much time your child spend in a certain app or in mobile phones

Check daily activities

 FamiSafe site check on your child’s location also looks like a phone tracker where is Children’s go.

Use of FamiSafe

  • There are few steps to occur parental control on your child’s phone. 
  • install FamiSafe Parental Control app on your device through google play store
  • register yourself on FamiSafe account 
  • after this take parental control


Monitoring software also enables you to monitor your child’s activity with monitoring family Orbit iPhone you can check your child acts like browser history, call history, text and WhatsApp messages, photos.


The pros of FamiSafe are

  • It monitors the YouTube videos
  • It gave the notification to a child with geofencing
  • It tracks the photos 
  • It allows us to control over messages, videos, and calls.


There are some cons of the use of FamiSafe

  • This is not work in desktop
  • Location tracking is also available on android.
  • Browser history is available on android.


Manually track your child is not easy. Track your child by application area easier.

Manually tacking is time-consuming. The fame safe app is more reliable and time-saving. It is easy to use than other apps.

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