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The Best New Phones That Will Be Released in 2022


2022 is finally here, and with it, we are expecting plenty of big new developments in the world of smartphones. There have already been some exciting announcements that will be discussed in more detail in the below article. It seems that the technology surrounding smartphones continues to develop, and with these developments come a whole new range of releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on. The below article is going to go into more detail about some of the new phones that we are most excited about this year. 

The Nothing Phones 

There hasn’t actually been an official announcement as of yet as Nothing has only released a pair of headphones so far. That being said, with the company planning to release a roadmap for 2022 soon, it’s more than likely that we are going to be witness to the announcement of a Nothing phone that will probably launch later this year. It is hard to say whether or not this product is going to be anything special as of yet; however, we are still looking forward to the announcement of it either way. 

Xiaomi 12 

This phone has already been released in some countries and is set for worldwide distribution later in the year. This is very exciting as the Xiaomi brand itself has an excellent reputation, particularly in the world of mobile gaming. Regardless of whether you prefer online shooters or you like heading over to online gambling websites such as, where you can play online games at your leisure, you will be able to get the full gaming experience with a Xiaomi. 

The new 12 model is going to be even better as it is a lot more compact with a 6.28-inch display but then also still packs a punch. The camera setup looks excellent, and the phone also has many faster-charging speeds. 

Honor Magic 4 

The brand Honor revealed recently at the MWC 2022 that they would be releasing the Magic 4 and the Magic 4 Pro. It is hard to know what their official release date will be, but this doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the said eventual release. The two phones are both extremely big and also very powerful as they come packed with 6.81-inch displays as well as Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chips and also excellent cameras that have high-resolution triple setups. The phone also comes with excellent wireless charging with 100W, which is actually the quickest you are going to find in any phone this year. 


The technology that surrounds our smartphones continues to develop and is not showing any signs of slowing down. As such, we are getting incredibly excited about some of the new smartphones that should be coming out later in 2022 (even if some haven’t actually been announced yet). There are many models to get excited about, although above, we have listed some of our most eagerly anticipated. If you are looking to get a good new phone this year, then it may be worth keeping your eyes out for the Nothing Phone, the Honor Magic 4, or the Xiaomi 12.

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