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The Best Things about Living in the Canadian Capital


On the banks of a river in southeast Ontario is the Great White North’s capital city, Ottawa. Like any capital city, it’s a bustling place, and like most places in Canada, it’s got a great balance of urban life and natural beauty.

You’ll find the nation’s Parliament Buildings downtown as well as a mix of skyscrapers and historic buildings. The winters are cold, but there’s always something to do to keep you warm.

Folks are friendly (and some speak French!) and the landscape of the city is an eclectic one in both culture and inhabitants.

Are you considering Ottawa homes for sale? Here are some of the reasons moving to the capital city is a great idea.

Jobs are easy to come by.

There are plenty of employment opportunities in the area, though none are as numerous as those working for the government.

These are highly desirable positions that involve great benefits, healthcare, and retirement packages, so if you’re looking to settle into a job starting with a government post is a smart move.

Since it’s a destination city, the hospitality and tourism industries are also great places to start when looking for a job blooket/play code.

Educational opportunities are top-notch.

Ottawa is home to the prestigious Carleton University as well as the University of Ottawa, both institutions with reputable programs in an array of majors.

The area is also home to a widespread public school system with many options for residents.

Transportation is a breeze.

Sure there are rush hour routes, but for the most part the traffic in Ottawa is bearable for commuting.

If you’d rather take public transportation, the city has an excellent bus system with many stops around the city that will get you where you need to go.

The cost of living is great compared to like areas.

It’s not the cheapest place to live, but it’s certainly the most affordable when compared to places like Toronto or Vancouver.

The suburbs provide affordable housing while abodes closer to the Parliament Buildings go up in price.

It’s a green city.

Despite all the urban hubbub, Ottawa has plenty of green space and nature to enjoy.

Trees line every street and no matter where you are in the city a park is nearby at a walkable distance.

Gatineau Park is the city’s biggest green area and has hiking trails, wildlife, and lakes.

You can also check out the Ottawa River Walkway for incredible views whether you’re on foot or bike.

Cyclists will feel at home.

Speaking of bikes, Ottawa is very friendly for those who get around on two wheels.

There are a plethora of bike lanes in the city and folks are courteous to cyclists. There are a number of bike racks to park your transport and it’s safe to do so blooket/join.

Your weekends will be booked.

Don’t worry about being bored, as there’s much to do in Ottawa.

It seems every month plays host to some sort of festival. Outside of that you can visit the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Rideau Canal, ByWard Market, or catch a game at the TD Place Arena.

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