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What To Do After An AccidentWith A Semi-Truck


Heavy cargoes are typically transported by commercial trucks as they move past other vehicles. Although drivers are educated to handle an 18-wheeler, faults they make occasionally lead to horrific tragedies. This is the reason why average semi-truck insurance costs are slightly high.

When an automobile is struck by a semi-truck, the damage might be catastrophic. Due to a truck’s size and weight, passengers in vehicles are more likely to suffer serious injuries. They may experience both material and emotional losses.

When a massive vehicle like a semi-truck strikes you in an automobile accident, the scenario becomes incredibly frightening and overwhelming. The following stages become crucial in the process between being involved in the accident and receiving the compensation you are due.

When a truck collision occurs, the person should look for a truck accident lawyer in the St. Louis region to answer any questions they may have. What to do following an incident is one question. Here are some suggestions on what to do immediately following an Semi-Truck accident.

What Actions Should Be Taken After A Trucking Accident?

1. Look for injuries and go for safety.

Making sure you and others are safe should be one of your primary priorities. Multiple automobiles frequently suffer damage in truck collisions. Try to get out of the way of incoming cars. However, if you have serious wounds, you shouldn’t move. Even neck aches might get worse with activity.

2. Call 911

Make a call to 911 to report the collision. Everyone involved must remain at the scene of the accident until assistance comes. Turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers know there has been an accident. Some people can warn drivers by using Semi-Truck flares.

3. Information Sharing

In addition to the truck driver, you should search for other parties. The driver’s employer can also be held accountable. The semi-truck could be marked or have other distinguishing characteristics. Even if you learn the company’s name, you still need to communicate information.

It’s also important to know who the person’s insurance company is and what their coverage is. You should note the truck’s license plate and get the employer’s name and contact details.

4. Document the incident with photos

Taking pictures of the site is another suggestion for what to do following a truck collision. Take as many pictures as you can with your phone or camera, if you have one. The pictures can be used to demonstrate who was at fault and the extent of the damage.

To document the damage, take photographs of the cars from several perspectives. To support your case, you should take pictures of any additional information that is required. Broken laptops and phones are two Semi-Truck examples.

5. Consult a medical professional

Due to adrenaline, some people think they are in better shape than they actually are. While you wait for the cops, you might not experience too much discomfort. Additionally, some injuries don’t show symptoms for a few days following the impact.

You must allow the paramedics to treat you initially. You should next visit a hospital to determine the full degree of the Semi-Truck injuries. A quick trip to the doctor means there is less chance of the wounds getting worse.

6. Mind Your Language

Be careful with your words when speaking to the adjuster. The adjuster will try to reduce how much the firm has to pay you, even if they come off as nice. What you say might be used against you by the insurance. 

7. Locate a Truck Accident Attorney

When you’re prepared, get in touch with a local truck accident attorney. For a free consultation to go over your case’s specifics, several companies are available. Even if you don’t think you have a good case, consult a lawyer.

You may choose the best attorney to handle your case by consulting with them as well. You can obtain a general estimate of how many resources a company may have. When you contact the office and send follow-up emails, it will be clear if you need to seek legal counsel.

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