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The Importance of a Good Book Cover and Product Illustration

Product Illustration

In every product, brand, or company, the logo and product illustrations are the basis of everything, especially when other people are not yet familiar with the brand. The visual presentation gives the first impression, which is very important because first impressions last. They are mostly the ones that people would always remember about something. It’s always the firsts that matter.

Besides high-end products and services, luxury brands also build their names and reputation with their logo and graphic illustrations for every launch and event. These brands often hire professional illustrators and designers to create a good visual impact for them, like Megan Hess.

Megan Hess is not only an illustrator; she is an author as well. Published Megan Hess books are best sellers as per the New York Times. She provides illustrations for some well-known luxury fashion brands, such as Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Vanity Fair, Italian Vogue, Bergdorf Goodman, Laduree, etc. She also produced illustrations for some popular novels, like One-Fifth Avenue and Sex and the City. The other books that she produced are mostly about fashion. As an illustrator, she greatly values her book covers. She has a distinct style in her designs and illustrations.

Why Are Illustrations Important in Book Covers and Other Products?

  • They Grab the Attention of Customers: When you create your product, advertising is one way to promote it and attract many clients. The first thing they would see in products or published books is the cover, so it must be eye-catching and interesting. It must be able to instantly create a connection between the book and the customer. The design must convey the book’s message, but not too much to reveal its whole thought.
  • Almost All Book Covers Include Reviews: This is a clever way of attracting more customers. It guarantees them that professional critiques loved the book, and every penny that you’ll spend is worth it. Illustrators must also carefully think about the proper placement of the review, its fonts and styles, etc., to ensure that it is in sync with the illustration’s overall idea.

Other Important Factors to Consider in Book Covers and Product Illustrations

  • Typography

It is the style of a text that is written creatively. Using appropriate fonts always matter. It can dictate the overall vibe of something. The typography you use will also be one of the main things that customers would instantly remember about your brand. 

  • Graphic Design

The style of how you draw can also affect the impression that customers have on you. Your style must be consistent, unique, and original. For example, Megan Hess booksprovide something that looks unique and creatively curated. Megan Hess’s style is consistent in every illustration that she makes. Your visuals must also look very compelling and create a strong impression. It would be best if you enticed readers but don’t put too much to reveal something about the book that isn’t supposed to be revealed yet. You also have to carefully plan the layout first and make sure that everything fits well together.


Advertising a product is not easy. You won’t attract many customers if your marketing is poorly curated. One way to advertise your brand is to create an illustration that will surely attract customers. It must be eye-catching and cohesive. You also have to consider typography, graphic design, and overall layout.

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