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The Bikers’ Lane: How Important Are Biking Shorts to a Biker’s Comfortability?


Many people have developed an interest in biking recently. Due to the pandemic, several gyms and sports centres were forced to close down to reduce potential exposure to the virus. Biking became an alternative for people who still wanted to stay fit and healthy despite the mobility restrictions and orders to stay at home. It is a good alternative; you don’t get to interact with people, and the air refreshes your mind and body.

Are biking shorts really necessary? This is just one of the concerns of people who are new to biking. Professionals and people who have been biking for a long time, they know that biking shorts and other biking gear are essential to keep a biker safe and comfortable. Women’s and men’s cycling knicks are both designed to address the needs of the cyclist. Long rides can be uncomfortable if you are not wearing the proper gear for them. To know more about how important biking shorts are, here are tips on how you can choose the best fit biking wear for you:

Align Your Choices With Your Biking Budget

Since biking shorts are not the only biking gear that you will need, you must set a budget that you will strictly follow. Know what kind and design of cycling shorts you can afford and would fit your needs. 

  • Choose the Fit

Choose if you prefer tight or baggy fitting shorts. This would depend on your routine. If you carry a lot of stuff when cycling, such as a phone, money, keys or cards, you should opt for cycling shorts with pockets. Usually, tight-fitting shorts are used by bikers who go for fast and long rides. Because this is easier and more comfortable to use, decide if you would want a waistband or bib shorts. Bib shorts have shoulder straps comfortable for some bikers when they lean on the bike to aim for a faster biking speed. There are various women and men’s cycling knicks that you can check online for your reference.

  • Consider the Type of Padding You Want to Use

Being to sit in the bicycle saddle for too long can be painful and uncomfortable for some. That’s why biking shorts have paddings. These are usually made up of chamois or any synthetic material. Both are good and comfortable, but you need to pay extra care if you are using chamois. 

  • Know the Shorts’ Panels

Eight-panelled biking short can be expensive, so that you may opt for biker shorts with lesser panels. However, they are different fits, so you need to keep this in mind.

  • The Lengths of the Inseam

Biking shorts come in different inseam lengths. But the most common length both for men and women is above the knee length.

  • Choose a Fabric That You Are Comfortable With

The most common fabric is spandex, Lycra, Coolmax and other wicking fabrics. These are usually sheer and shiny and made of wool. In choosing the fabric, consider the weather and climate. Choose something that would match the weather in your area.

It would be best if you never sacrificed comfortability and safety in exchange for practicality. Biking is a hobby and a sport wherein you may encounter accidents and situations. So, please gear yourself up properly.

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