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Types of Facial Treatments In Singapore Which Spa Is The Best?

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To maintain the bright and young looks, women undergo various types of facials that help delay the visibility of ageing signs on the face while preserving fresh looks.  The best facials in Singapore can help to address some skin issues that you might be facing. Facials give a glowing look to your face as it improves the blood flow across the entire face.  Any spa that offers the most appropriate and effective facial by considering your skin’s condition is the best one for you. Since all spas are not alike and the concept of best differs between people, consider only those spas that can give you the desired results.

 The beauty consultant at the spa will first listen to you to understand your expectations, and by knowing your experience about earlier facials, will recommend one of the following types of facials.

 Classic facial

Those who have normal or dry skin can go for this facial, which is most common and consists of 4 stages. It begins with cleansing, followed by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin to providing a mask.  The facial treatment relaxes and rejuvenates the skin by supplying adequate moisture. The first two steps of cleaning and exfoliation remove dead skin to make your face look fresh. Before moisturizing, a steam treatment can help to remove blackheads and whiteheads. However, steam therapy is optional and best avoided if you have some skin problems like eczema.

 Anti-aging facial

During this facial process, the beautician uses certain ingredients that help remove the marks of aging from the face. The facial is suitable for all skin types, but those with sensitive or oily skin should be careful in choosing the products. Usually, it is applicable for women over thirty when the aging process sets in. The facial treatment stages consist of deep pore cleansing and exfoliating followed by skin resurfacing or microdermabrasion. Finally, the process of skin tightening mask and massage together with a collagen based serum concludes the process.

The ingredients used in the facial boost the production of collagen that gives firmness to the skin. The hydration keeps the skin moisturized and prevents drying.

 Aromatherapy facial

While the facial process is similar to other treatments, the ingredients used are aromatherapy oils that have a lot of benefits. The aroma of the oil relaxes the mind while the ingredients rejuvenate the skin that looks refreshed. The oil contains plant cells that penetrate the skin during massage, thereby resulting in a cellular revival of the skin. The facial package consists of exfoliation, moisturizing cream, and a mask together with under-eye gel and serum.

On reaching the skin’s deep layer, the aroma oil activates the cell replacement process by removing the damaged and dead cells. As a result, the skin looks younger. Anyone with normal and dry skin can undertake the treatment.

 A good facial gives you glowing skin, and your face looks radiant by shedding all signs of stress and aging, but you must follow a good skincare regimen at home.

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