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What Are Some of the Realistic Expectations of Rhinoplasty and Other Cosmetic Procedures?

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The number of people who are getting plastic surgery is increasing every year. There are many reasons why a person would want to get cosmetic surgery. It can be as simple as enhancing one’s looks or treating common problems or congenital disabilities. People often forget that their expectations may not be based on reality when going under the knife.

Frequently, patients undergo plastic surgery expecting miracles. They can become disillusioned and may blame their surgeons. It is widespread for facial procedures like rhinoplasty. Before you get a procedure done, it is vital to set realistic goals and expectations. 

Doctor’s Advice

The first step in keeping realistic expectations is by talking to your surgeon. Like Dr. Breslow MD, licensed plastic surgeons can give you a clear idea of what actual results can look like. That’s why you should always go to a doctor that makes you feel comfortable. 

Remember to only go to a board-certified doctor and accredited clinic. Scrupulous doctors can take advantage of your ignorance and promise the moon, only to deliver mud. 

By asking the right questions, you can learn more about the surgery you want. It also can show you if it gives you the results that you want. It is essential to clear your doubts about the results at this time. 

You should also look through some reference pictures from previous patients if they were comfortable sharing those. A good clinic will provide those upon request for each particular type of surgery. 


Remember that you can’t look like a Snapchat filter or something that is a result of photoshop. Cosmetic surgery only provides realistic, human results. Plastic surgery is meant to enhance your looks. A procedure like a rhinoplasty should complement your appearance and should look natural. 

Do not try just to look like someone else. Don’t try to emulate fictional appearances either. Plastic surgery is an enhancer of looks, not a maker of a completely new face. 

Post-Surgical Care

You are just as responsible for maintaining your new looks after the completion of the surgery. Proper post-surgical care is vital to maintain the results and keep the changes permanently. The care routine is different for each type of surgery. For facial surgeries, it can be as simple as preventing infection.

Keep one thing in mind, as we get old, our bodies will inevitably change. Even cosmetic procedures often fade and reflect our age as we get older. While procedures like rhinoplasty will have their results remain stable for decades, many other procedures cannot change the natural changes from aging. 


Getting surgery with the wrong expectations will only lead to disappointment. A good plastic surgeon can do wonders with minor changes, but please do not expect them to do what is impossible. 

Plastic surgery is not an expensive procedure. Neither is it easily reversible. That is why it is crucial to go into plastic surgery with the correct mindset, goals, and expectations. That is what leads to long-term happiness with the results. 

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