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Features to look for in running shoes for kids girls

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When looking for shoes for kids, you want them to be safe, injury-protective and extremely cozy, especially when we speak about sporty footwear. Girls’ bodies are fragile yet, so practising sport with uncomfortable shoes may lead to serious injuries. That’s why, you have to do your thorough research and analyse in depth a pair of girl gym shoes before buying it. Here is a list of features that define a high-quality sporty kids footwear.

1. Cushioning interior

A marker of high-quality running shoes for kids girls is the padded interior. It refers to sides, top, ankle collar, tongue and sockliner. If all of these inside parts are cushioned with a layer of foam or any other soft material, the wearer will experience less pain and injuries during long-lasting running sessions. If the interior of the sporty shoe is not cushioned, it creates much friction between the foot and the lining, which ends up in blisters, skin irritation and discomfort while running.

2. Ventilation

Practising running or jogging in hot weather always results in much sweat, unless the shoes have a good ventilation system. If you live in an area it’s boiling hot most of the year, you are good to opt for shoes for kids girls with meshed construction that allow for the air to circulate through the shoe. Similarly, you can choose shoes with vent holes which are even more efficient in providing the shoe interior with air.

The more breathable the footwear is, the less sweaty the feet will get and the less odour they will accumulate. Ventilation also keeps the lining dry. This means that bacteria and fungi lack favourable conditions to grow and spread. Thus, the shoe wearer is kept safe from harmful infections.

3. Outsole with added traction

While it may come as a surprise, shoes have a role in how fast a person runs. They can improve your finish time by a few seconds, if they have a proper outsole construction. When looking for girl running shoes, try to pay attention to those with a rubber outsole with grippy surface, because it tends to provide the most efficient traction.

Such grippy elements as: shark teeth, ridges and grooves may significantly increase the shoe’s traction against the ground. It allows for explosive takeoffs where the runner picks up speed considerably faster than he/she would do wearing shoes with flat outsoles.

4. Durability

Durability is the factor you never have to save money on. Always go for shoes made of top-quality wear-resistant materials. They will have a long lifespan and will stand up to high tension. Running implies body movements that put shoes resistance to the test. Every time the runner jumps from one foot to another a high tension is created under the person’s weight that can tear up the shoe after a time.

Your best choice is to opt for sporty shoes made of durable fabric that will ensure you never have to replace them in the near future. They are more pricey, but they exclude frequent replacement that will have you pay even more in the long run.

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