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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking


Are you experiencing water leakage from your water heater? If you notice your water heater leaking at the bottom or top of your water heater, it could be a cause for concern.

While this problem may concern you and even cause you to start thinking of replacing your entire system, take a step back. What you do right after noticing the leak matters and, if you take a proper look, you can determine the root cause of the leak. So, why is your water heater leaking? What should you do about it?

What causes a water heater to leak? (and what should you do?)

If you’re experiencing water leakage from your water heater, it could be due to various reasons. So, what causes a water heater to leak?

  1. The drain valves may be broken/loose. If you notice water leakage from the drain valve, it could mean they’re broken or loose. If broken, they can easily be replaced and if loose, you can fix it with a wrench either yourself or by hiring a plumber near you.
  2. Excessive pressure. Excessive pressure is another reason that causes a water heater to leak. You see, hot water inside the tank forms steam which in turn leads to excessive pressure inside the tank. This excess pressure causes water to leak through cracks, loose parts etc.
  3. Problems with the temperature and pressure relief valves. Temperature and pressure relief valves ensure your water heater’s temperature and pressure are well monitored and regulated. When they start having problems, they can cause water leakage from the water heater.
  4. The inlet and outlet connections are loose. The inlet and outlet water line connections could be loosened due to wear and tear. You could fix this yourself by simply tightening the connections using a wrench.

So now that we’ve looked at what causes a water heater to leak, what steps should you take if you notice a water heater that’s leaking?

What should you do after noticing a leaking water heater?

Once you notice a leaking water heater, do this:

  1. First, turn off the water heater’s energy source.
  2. Locate the cold water line that leads to your water heater and turn off the water – by turning the valve on the water line rightward until it’s closed.
  3. After this, drain all the water in the water heater by using a hose to open the drain valve.

After you’ve drained all the water, call an HVAC technician in Atlanta to help you with professional repair services and to help you discover the root cause of the leaking water heater.

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