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Dracovish (Gen 8Pokémon) |Weakness, Abilities, and Intriguing Facts


Dracovish a fossil pokemon is famous for its incredible set of moves and amazing abilities. It was introduced in Generation 8. Its water absorbability and strong jaw can hold any possible enemy. Dracovish moves, abilities, skills, and many more are featured in this blog so read it to the end.

Dracovish is a crossbreed of a fish and a dinosaur. The fish head is blue with sharp teeth and two eyes with runs for understudies. A red check covers its temple, which is shockingly blue on its partner on Arctovish. It likewise has two balances. 

The Draco part takes after the backside of a green stegosaurus with red stripes and spikes. The part which is cut off from the middle is green and red.

Dracovish Moveset and Weakness:

Dracovish Weakness and Movesets are tabulated following in detail.

Basic Stats:

CategoryFossil Pokémon
Height2.3 m
Weight215.0 kg
Abilities1. Water Absorb2. Strong JawSand Rush (hidden ability)
Buddy Distance3 m
Capture & Flee Rate45
Max CP2860

All Moves:

Water Gun40100
Brutal Swing60100
Ancient Power60100
Dragon Breath60100
Super Fang90
Fishious Rend85100
Dragon Pulse85100
Dragon Rush10075

Weakness and Resistance:

Galarian Rapidash weakness and Resistance chart is featured below:



Vulnerable to:


Resistant to:


Dracovish Evolution:

Dracovish does not evolve..

However, Dracovish is said to have been the summit hunter of now because of its incredible legs and jaws, and the capacity to run at speeds surpassing 40 mph (60 km/h). 

Notwithstanding, it couldn’t inhale except if it was submerged. Dracovish supposedly went wiped out due to overhunting its prey, however, this is likely not the situation because of it being consolidated from two separate Pokémon that each had their specialties prior to going wiped out.

The feet have three red hooks. The neck is likewise generally green yet has a red stripe going up the center. The stripe is fixed with three bent spikes on the two sides. Dracovish’s head is generally roundabout with an adjusted three-sided plate on the top. 

What Type Of Pokemon Is Dracovish? 

Dracovish is a crossover fossil Pokémon. It comprises an ancient fish head put over the back portion of the body of an earthbound ancient reptile (the “neck”, the associating component between the two parts, would relate to the tail of the first reptile). The legs are generally green with two pink stripes. 

The feet have three red hooks. The neck is likewise overwhelmingly green however has a red stripe that ascents towards the middle. The strip is fixed with three bent tips on the two sides. Dracovish’s head is generally roundabout with an adjusted three-sided plate at the top. 

A red and white district stretches out between the eyes. Its mouth has three sharp teeth in the center. His eyes are adjusted and have dark rectangular students. Two blades jut from the lower part of the jaw. 

It is said to have been the alpha hunter of his time because of his amazing legs and jaws and the capacity to run at speeds more than 40 mph. Notwithstanding, it couldn’t inhale except if it was submerged and got terminated because of the exorbitant chasing of its prey.

This is most likely not the situation with Dracovish as it was composed of two separate Pokémon that involved their own organic specialties prior to going terminated.


In this guide, we’ve featured everything about Dracovish so far we know. To get a deeper eagle look at this amazing 8 gen Pokémon, read this guide to the end. If you have any recommendations or queries, a comment will greatly be appreciated.

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