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Unexpected Ways to Boost Creativity and Find Inspiration


Inspiration isn’t some divine power that enables people to hit on new ideas and work more effectively. In essence, inspiration is a psychological impetus, the powerful motivation that drives people to actualize their vision and come up with innovative solutions to existing problems. There’s a common misconception that only artists and other representatives of creative professions need inspiration. Journalists, teachers, doctors, and coders are constantly looking for new sources to draw inspiration from. But since there’s no universal and inexhaustible source of inspiration, every person is looking for their own sources of inspiration that might provide enlightenment and help you summon your creative juices. If you’re struggling with your lackadaisicalness and creative stupor, today’s post is what can help you. Below are some hints on where to look for inspiration like activate

Photos and Pictures  

Quelle est la différence entre l'inspiration & la motivation? – IMD Human  Transition

In today’s visual world, we come across hundreds of different pictures, memes, images, and photos that don’t even stick in your head. If you’re looking for inspiration, random photos will definitely not help. What can help though is looking back at old photos and allowing your memory to take you to far-away places? By re-experiencing past events you may find yourself overwhelmed by a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia, which itself acts as a powerful motivation tool.

But they are not only old photos that might come in handy when you lack inspiration. In fact, conceptual, nature, wildlife, urban, and even food photography can go a long way towards helping you get a portion of a re-energizing cocktail. You just need to find a picture or a photography genre that can produce the desired magical effect on you. If you have a spare minute, you can try and create your own picture.

You can spruce up your existing pictures or put together eye-catching projects using modern video editors, which enable users to create professional-looking photo collages, add frames to photos, utilize a shape maker online, and much more. With the help of modern tools, you can awaken your mind and soul to new possibilities and hit on more powerful sources of inspiration. 


12 Blogging Tips for Beginners (+ Lots of Free Resources)

Lots of people are trying their hand at blogging these days. If you like your profession and like writing, try sharing your ideas, expertise, and life hacks with those who might benefit from them. Communicating with like-minded people, even if it’s done in writing through blogging, can help you unwind and switch to another type of activity for a Verpelistoday while. What’s more, writing can be a form of meditation itself and represent a powerful source of inspiration. 

But what can you do if it’s your blogging you need help with? You may find yourself unwilling or unable to write fresh posts because of the notorious lack of inspiration. Well, you can turn to other bloggers and influencers whom you consider authoritative. Read their posts and inspirational stories.

Select carefully. Read those posts you find interesting and useful and you’ll definitely feel like writing soon. Other popular business, career, or design blogs can help you draw necessary inspiration for your professional field, as well. 

Cut Down on Caffeine 

Top 4 Health Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Surprisingly, being alert and full of energy isn’t something that can help your lost inspiration resurface. There is an opinion that overtiredness can actually help you switch off some mental functions and slow down the ability to process information as you normally would. We don’t encourage you to pull several all-nighters in a row, of course.

But you may want to pamper yourself with a glass of wine in the evening or thus hamper your ability to think straight and focus. High levels of concentration can interfere with inspiration. Also, let your body remain half-asleep in the morning instead of pumping it up with coffee. Let your mind wander and hopefully, it will hit on some worthy ideas. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Reasons to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | OBC Blog

It’s not a secret that a change in your surroundings is a great way to usher in new impressions and unload your mind. If you’re desperate for inspiration, there is no need to embark on exotic voyages and journeys to distant countries. (This is an excellent idea for those who have time and means to do so, though.)

Suffice it to step out of your comfort zone to see the bigger picture and grasp something new, something you couldn’t notice before. You may go outside and do some gardening, start volunteering, or find a new hobby. Watching a new show or hanging out with your friends in a local restaurant also might help.  

Go explore different options to see which one can help you discover inspiration! 

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