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Do I need a Magento SEO Company To Perform A Platform Migration


For a long time, eCommerce platforms have provided merchants from all over the world with the tools for building solid online stores that are easy to manage and scalable SEO. They have been a true blessing in terms of flexibility and affordability as they allow merchants to set up shop with a relatively low initial down payment.


However, due to the particular challenges every business faces, and the unique approach creative owners and marketers propose in order to grow their business, outpace their competition, or attract more audiences, cookie cutter solutions offered by eCommerce platforms are often not nearly as effective as one might want.

After a certain point, even the most powerful features start feeling like a heavy burden that you need to shake off. So you start looking for a more flexible and feature rich platform that can offer the same advantages you had on your old platform, but can also be customized in ways that let your business take any shape you want without imposing any technical restrictions.

Magento is often the platform of choice for businesses that plan to play the long game. Contrary to what some might say, Magento is a very friendly platform, and offers almost the same benefits all other platforms are known for. However, its open source nature gives developers and designers the power to add features and solutions that would be impossible to implement in other popular hosted platforms.

Now, migrating your online store to Magento servers requires a lot of patience and attention to details.

When migrating your whole business you need to do everything in your power to prevent downtime that will affect traffic, sales and even trust. It might also mean running into problems with Google as it might take some time for the search engine to index your site.

It might also be a good idea to do a complete overhaul and redesign of your online store. Recreating your old theme on the new platform takes almost as much time as creating a new storefront. Plus, you will want to start taking advantage of the new freedom Magento extensions bring to the table. Lastly, migration is one of those rare opportunities we have to clean house and get rid of unnecessary data and reams of unused logs that have accumulated over the years. Starting fresh always feels great.

It is not impossible to do that on your own. However, your online store is composed of thousands of moving parts working together. Taking it apart and putting it together using different servers and code will inevitably cause problems you better be ready to deal with.

It is always better, and more cost-effective, to hire a dedicated Magento SEO company with extensive experience in platform migration. A team that understands how your business works and how to take advantage of the enhanced features Magento brings to the table can help you reduce downtime to imperceptible levels, and fix bugs and glitches as they appear for a seamless transition. Professional Magento developers and designers also know how to completely optimize your store, making sure it is responsive and has omnichannel capabilities to keep up with the latest trends and take full advantage of Magento´s amazing features.

Migrating your store to ever more flexible eCommerce platforms is always worth the investment as it allows you to be better equipped for future changes and industry trends. Make sure you hire the best Magento SEO company that not only can guarantee a seamless transition, but also capitalize on the platform´s incredible advantages for online stores.
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